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I'm BACKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu gina

hi ya goilie. tks for da nice cooments

oh yea about the thi couski thingie. now how did ya know he was my favorit composer??? eh??? ya been talkin ta my better half??

i got his personal autographfed copie of an rca record of da van clibourn piano done in mowcow.. it was signed when i was a yougin..

anyways. tks for da kind words.

i hope ta be a filing on my trip up north by tuesday. rite now, i have had tooo much of da caugh medicine stuff if ya yall know wot i means. --- about 12 fingers worth. ben having a great time answer all da e-mail andf stuffing....

talk ta ya all tuesday.

good nittie ya all -- my charming young wild flowers


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