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HA, HA, HA!!!! Charles Schleininger corsair A few years ago there was a Republican
Senator who was considered VP
material. He said he wasn't interested.
Just in case his name was put into
nomination he told the press he had a
police record. Seems in his younger
days, while at college & playing football,
after a game it was not unusual to go to
town & tear some bar up. He said the
local sheriff could provide the details from
the arrest records. With that he said to the
press: "With this out of the way lets talk
about the issues." For some reason the
press never dug into that phase of his life.

When Jessie wrote his tell all book it was
a blip on the radar screen that defused
his past wild side. Again the press
became mute on this subject.

So maybe in the end those that would
lead should say sure I had my wild side,
but the difference is I eventually grew up.

Interesting in that through Clinton the
economy has boomed. Maybe it is the fact
that he has neutralized himself through
lack of trust & for some reason the
Republicans have not got their act
together. So we have had a standoff & the
country has been allowed to run itself.

Besides what is wrong with a character
having some moral values?

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