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Pinxter and Dandelions Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) One of the things I most admire about being a Staten Islander is that growing up on the Island fostered my tenacity in just about everything. I have a passion for life that folks who grew up in carefully-groomed communities where everything was politically and socially correct just don't have. Without StatNisland Scrappyness folks just don't have enough passion to counter my motivations. Actually, that seems to be endemic in lots of New Yawkers as I saw in our Representative Murphy who spoke at the Million Mom March (I was there in D.C. by the way, and there was someone with a Staten Island sign standing right in front of me!).

I can see this StatNisland passion building in the discussions surrounding the choice of a single flower to represent us. As the dialogue progressed I came to realize that I could not see outside of my own situation of being one of those who diasporized. However, we really shouldn't have to choose just one flower. The Officials did that for us by picking one that was indigenous and unique to Staten Island. Since we aren't scholars of flowers and have no special romantic tie to the Pinxter, it is understanding that its choice leaves us blank, especially since we have been making other choices that are linked to our individual conditions and motivations. So, lets leave it open, inclusive and democratic and I will try to find images of all our interests to include in strategic places in the StatNislander's photo album. Check out the word link page at


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