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HA, HA, HA!!!! Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Well, as I was saying, a little equanimity could go a long way.

It's easy to make harsh judgments. We don't like a position someone takes, so that makes him, or her, all bad for all purposes. You won't even cut McCain, a guy you admired, a little slack for bowing to the political realities of having to go along to get along, in order to retain some clout with the potential new administration. McCain is elected. Perot wasn't.

This is the sort of all-black, all-white, political non-analysis that substitutes for clear hard thinking. "Off with his head," said the Mad Queen.

Surely there's a less harsh way of looking at things and making political judgments, or calculations. Churchill and FDR both allied with Stalin when circumstances required. Nixon "recognized" China, to his, and our, credit. Police and FBI make deals with bad guys every day in order to get their jobs done.

Sometimes the harsh judgments have to be stifled if you want to get something done. Pragmatic, it's called. Americans are famous for it.

If we don't learn to lighten up a little, bad things are apt to happen.


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