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HA, HA, HA!!!! Pat O'Shaughnessy patos I'm one of the ones who bitched about clinton when he was in trouble, I bitched before he was in trouble, I didn't like him before he was elected, and I still detest him and her as well. I remember seeing her giving a speech at her college graduation and took a dislike to her then. They later showed the clip on tv and I realized it was her. I've never liked them don't trust them and I think if we ever learn the truth about this China deal more people would see them as I do.

I also publicly supported McCain in his run for office and was recently sent an e-mail thanking me for my support. My response to the committee was not what they expected I'm sure. I told them I understood the confession in Hanoi but
will never understand the endorsement of Bush, and that at least Perot had made a difference with his campaign.

As I've said before their all bad just some are worse than others

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