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Happy Mother's Day Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Funny and striking at the same time.

If you think about others first all the time, you're a nice guy, unselfish, and we know what happens to nice guys, don't we. Look under Durocher, Leo.

On the other hand, if you look out for Numbah Uno alla time and no one else, you're a selfish bastid and you turn into an Ogre.

A proper balance, and knowing when to go this way or that, is a big part of growin' up.

Mothers are famous for being unselfish. That's probably why they gave 'em a whole Day for themselves. Deserved it.

Kids are famous for wantin' breakfast. Right now. That's probably why they haven't been given a day, yet.

Their day is Tomorrow, and it's all theirs.

They'll figure out what to do with it. By that time they'll get it right, assuming their parents had that right balance or the kids otherwise figure it out.


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