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HA, HA, HA!!!! Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP I may be wrong but I don't remember seeing you write any of THESE sentiments when the President had his problems!
Besides, I wasn't casting stones, nor "kicking him while he was down", I was merely pointing out that Ghouliani did cast plenty of stones, and happily they came back and hit HIM!!!!

On 05/12/2000 9:19:00 AM, bobsheridan wrote:
>Nasty, nasty!
>I wuz thinkin' of putting him
>in the stocks along with Newt
>But then I started remembrin'
>about those who are without
>sin, let them cast the first
>Which reminds me of a story.
>An old story. The way I heard
>it was like this.
>Coupla priests having their
>espresso in a small Italian
>town and one is upset because
>he can't remember where he
>left his bicycle. It might get
>stolen if he can't find it.
>Don't worry, counsels the
>other priest, say some
>prayers, think of the Ten
>Commandments, and maybe you'll
>remember where you left your
>Next day, they're back having
>the daily espresso and the
>formerly worried priest is now
>happy, bicycle at his side.
>"It worked, didn't it,"
>commented the priest who gave
>the good advice.
>"Si, when I got to the Sixth
>Commandment, I remembered
>where I left the bike."
>I'd leave poor Rudy alone. He
>looked terrible because I
>think he felt terrible. I
>think Clinton felt terrible
>too. About what? Behaving
>naughtily? Getting caught?
>Or realizing that sainthood is
>for dead people who can sin no
>When people learn life's
>lessons, laughing at them is
>kicking them when they're
>down. All you can really hope
>for is that they'll get off
>their high horses. That's not
>the signal for us to hop on
>But it's fun, I know.

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