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1776-systematic rapes Jim Donnelly Artful Codger On 05/11/2000 11:54:00 PM, sipoet wrote:
>situation in the colonies with
>the British troops became
>problematic for the British
>after a while because it
>stirred up resentment even
>among their supporters.

Well, I admit that I'm an Irishman writing this, but still I wonder whether behavior of this nature may possibly have been more British than generic human.

I say this because I knew an Iranian fellow during the days of the Shah, and I asked him once about Savak, the Shah's secret police. I said, "Are those guys as vicious as the American press paints them?" He said, "Oh, sure, they're vicious--but they're no more vicious than your CIA. And neither of them are the most vicious in the world."

So I asked, "Who would that be?"

And he said, very matter-of-factly, "The British Secret Service."

I still think that by far the greatest thing ever done by the British Empire was the spread of their beautiful language all the way around the world.

Jim Donnelly

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