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It is nice to get all these nice congratulations on our fifty-seventh anniversary, but I honestly have to say it is only withe the grace of God that we made it, first of all I am thankful for keeping my loved one safe during his twenty years in the Navy, but some of the most dangerous of assignments in his career. During WW11 he chose to be in the Armed Guard. This was to be in charge of a Navy Gun Crew who were the only defense on merchant ships plowing the oceans in convoys over the oceans supplying our Troupes overseas. Then in his later career chose to serve in an Explosive Ordinance Disposal crew. This too was a dangerous position to be in many times.
But I Think the hazardous position he chose as my mate probably was the most trying of all. I have always been a challenge I am sure,but being from the old school, he gave more than he got from marriage. Anyone else would have thrown me out bag and baggage long ago. LOL

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