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HA, HA, HA!!!! Marguerite Rivas sipoet I agree with rs about not casting any stones. I feel badly for both of them. Any of us who have been there know how devastating a divorce can be, especially because of the kids. They both seem to be loving parents -- the kids are the heartbreaking part. I do believe, however, it is better to have two healthy minded parents living apart than a dysfunctional home situation. The thing that I find objectionable in this whole mess is that Rudy made no secret, publicly, of his two relationships. Not that I'm advocating sleeping around on the side, but geez, do you have to read about your husband's "special friend" on the front page of the New York papers? In addition, Donna had to be displaced for years by that press secretary, who coincidentally was promoted o a cushy job for which she was unqualified. The worst thing, it seems to me, is that she found out about their separation only after he had announced it to the press. It's one thing to decide to call it quits and then announce it, but for one party to announce it first. Isn't that just like the arrogant Rudy to do so?

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