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HA, HA, HA!!!! Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Nasty, nasty!

I wuz thinkin' of putting him in the stocks along with Newt Gingrich.

But then I started remembrin' about those who are without sin, let them cast the first stone.

Which reminds me of a story.

An old story. The way I heard it was like this.

Coupla priests having their espresso in a small Italian town and one is upset because he can't remember where he left his bicycle. It might get stolen if he can't find it.

Don't worry, counsels the other priest, say some prayers, think of the Ten Commandments, and maybe you'll remember where you left your bike.

Next day, they're back having the daily espresso and the formerly worried priest is now happy, bicycle at his side.

"It worked, didn't it," commented the priest who gave the good advice.

"Si, when I got to the Sixth Commandment, I remembered where I left the bike."

I'd leave poor Rudy alone. He looked terrible because I think he felt terrible. I think Clinton felt terrible too. About what? Behaving naughtily? Getting caught? Both?

Or realizing that sainthood is for dead people who can sin no more?

When people learn life's lessons, laughing at them is kicking them when they're down. All you can really hope for is that they'll get off their high horses. That's not the signal for us to hop on ours.

But it's fun, I know.


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