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Hey Gang!!! Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 05/07/2000 8:37:00 AM, Gina wrote:
>Hey Tom!!!
>How ya b? Where ya b? LTNS -
>good to see your back from
>wherever you were LOL

I'm fine, still in Orlando, and I've been around as far as reading the messages (occasionally!), but I'm running around like a chicken without a head, so I haven't been posting.

>Are you still in Florida &
>how's all with "U" & yours?

Yup, still in Mickeyville! We're all fine, as I hope you and yours are too!

>OHMY! a new house - that's
>GREAT! Congratulations :)

Thank you, I think it's pretty great, especially since we FINALLY got a buyer for the house we're in now! Although, it is a little weird to me the way they build houses down here! It would also help if the guys that are doing the work could actually speak english (or at least NY)!!

>OK now ya gotta add to you
>"report in" cause it sound
>like you've been as busy as a
>Dandelion putting down some
>new roots & adjusting to a new

I gotta stop getting lost when I leave my house, since I'm used to streets that make sense, and there's NO sense in the way this area was designed!
I've been running around trying to find Dr.'s down here, since none of them want to deal with N.Y.'s WC.

>BoyOboy do "U" have lots of
>reading to do to get caught
>uP, which never totally
>happens around here but the
>"tryin to" is fun.
>Welcome Back

Thanks for the hearty WB Gina, hope to talk to you soon!

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