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1776-systematic rapes John Ritter JR Rape also has an anormouslly unpopular military and political context as in burn, rape and pillage. As most Army's say remember to Pillage before burning. I also find it quite unusual that the British Army in Staten Island a pro tory community would rape the general public. Is there a possibility that these charges may have been made to make one side look worse than the other?

I am currently reading The Last Battle by Cornelius Ryan the author of The Longest Day. The book tells of the classic battle at the end of WWII in Europe. Part of the story goes into the Red Army of 10 Million approaching a city with 100,000 men and two million women. The women in Berlin had been told by refugees a horrible story of Bomb, Burn, Rape and Pillage.

The rape of Nanking is another tale of woe to women by a concoring army. The leadership of all military units who disobey the law collectively are considered by me to be war crimes of their commanders.

James Webb, a former Secretary of the Navy has recently published an interesting novel about war crimes in the pacific during WWII.

My apologies for talking about this delicate subject in public and for my numerous spelling errors. My dictionary is hiding somewhere.


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