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Security Precaution against new viruses Gina * Gina Thanks JR
Yep! I received an auto-alert from Mcaffee at 1:00 AM this
morning 5/10 - I uPdated anti-virus.

I just received another auto-alert about an hour ago that they have found another/more - I had to anti-virus uPdate again.

Sooooooooooooo n e 1 who uPdated prior to 9:30 PM 5/10
I would suggest you uPdate your anti-virus again just to be sure you have the latest protection files.

I don't think I've had to do as many anti-virus uPdates in the past 5 year as I've been alerted to do this past week.

Sure hope the net authorities smack this virus bugger around BIG time with fines, jail time & no puter touching forever.

Not that I believe the "no puter forever" will even enter the justice systems picture of prosecution - so often I have heard of hackers completing their time & fine and being offered BIG TIME bucks by net security companies to work for them. The companies hire the hacker to hack away at their systems and try and find holes in security fire walls so they can be fixed for blocking. Go figure.

Hackers make their mark, screw with the worlds computers, do their time & fine, get recognized as a financial asset by being offered BIG bucks, end up 1/2 way uP some computer software corporate ladder without ever having their feet touch the grounds of integrity...something gotta be wrong with this process of identify...don't ya think?

Now stop lurking here & go uPdate your anti-virus :)


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