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Dandelion Da StatNisland Flower - per RS Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Speaking about Pinks, Punks, and Queen Anne's Lace, d'you think we could continue with this Dandelion string, which is the longest I can recall, under a new heading. It takes forever to download to get to the latest contribution. We'll consider it part of this string so if anyone is out to set a new world's record, the game is still on.

I wonda' why the SI Advance hasn't picked up on the notion that the StatNislanDiaspora seems set on making the StatNislanDandelion the national, make that World, symbol of their having taken root in greener pastures, bringing StatNisland widdem, of course.

Jim Donnelly prepared a T-Shoit design featuring a shape of the Island in green, surrounded by outlined-lettering stating "Staten Island Dandelion" with a large yellow dandelion planted in the middle of the Island. Neat-o.

To be continued...


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