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NEAL!!! Irene Molway quill iquill Hey Rich,

I told ya 3 times I would be home Sunday after 12 noon, so ya call me at 9 AM and then again at 9:30 AM . Didja leave yur watch home or sumpin.

As it turned out, I left Nyack at 6 AM and got home at 9:40 AM like abt 10 mins after u called.

We were so disappointed, kuz I had a cupla surprises fur ya and yur baby. I'll bet any amt of money we were driving side by side comin up the Northway. Spoke to your friends in Saratoga and u left their house just abt the time we were driving thru there and your daughter called here just abt the time we got off the Northway. Ya sure missed a great Italian Sunday feast.

yur daughter said maybe we'd meet ya on the way back, if ya read this please make sure ya do or else!!! I have my vaaays ov getink even, heh heh


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