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StatNisland Flower - per RS Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) On 05/04/2000 8:41:00 AM, Art wrote:
>There is a flower that only
>grows on hill sides with
>serpentine rock outcroppings
>that, I believe, was first
>discovered on Staten Island.
>Years ago I saw some when I
>went to the caves along the
>serpentine cliff where the
>highway to the Verrazano
>bridge now runs. I can't
>remember the name of this
>flower but I'll bet Marguerite
>can summon the resources to
>remember it. I think that
>flower should be our honorary
>flower. I think so because it
>is/was unique to Staten
>Island, was endangered by over
>development but courageously
>holds on while situated on
>rocky crags that make Staten
>Island a beautiful wild place
>despite growth.

of Staten Island is the Pinkster
also called Pinxter - Bloem, Dutch I suppose

Staten Island Pinkster

It is a relative of the Rhodadendron but its flower looks a little like the honey suckle some of us favored as our official plant. The official status of the Pinkster was determined by Botanists who obviously do not appreciate dandelions because of their audacity, vigor and rude survival skills. The Pinkster on the other hand could be endangered because it grows among the stones people favor for making the bases of Basketball trophies and because those serpentine outcroppings often get buldosed down to make room for highways.

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