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Spring is here Pat O'Shaughnessy patos Kinda proud of myself hardly ever get the vegetable garden in before last of May first of June. All prepared now planted some this morning after mass will finish this evening as it cools down. Even got some new rose bushes ready to plant will finish them tonight. Now off to store to get an idea on what to cook for dinner today. This is not the life I pictured for me in my teenage years. Thought I'd end up on my yatch will all those young girls, or be in a bar someplace with young girls fawning all over me, at least ending up in an opium den someplace dreaming about a yacht and bar and all those young girls. Now reality hits hard. I dream about my garden and those homegrown tomatoes and my next trip to Lake Erie for Walleye fishing. Young tomatoes on the vine are about all I can keep up with now. LOL

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