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Dandelion Da StatNisland Flower - per RS Robert Sheridan bobsheridan This is very nice, don't you think?

Ace cleaned up the foundation and built the superstructure. Well done.
Thank you.


A Dandelion, from Staten Island
Got up and blew away

And we, like weeds
Grew from those seeds
In places far away.


But on second thought, the point of the Dandelion symbol is that we're really the opposite of weeds. Although a common plant that's treated like a weed in many places, the Dandelion is very sturdy, quite attractive and has many other virtues if only you take the time gain some insight by paying close attention, as Gina has done with her remarkable research.

Could be we need another verse making this point so we don't leave ourselves in the weed-bin.

Such as:

But weeds we're not...

Nope, rhymes with snot and someone above already made a point using that unpleasant word.

But weeds we ain't...

That has a certain StatNisland ring to it but I don't know if its going anywhere.

Not weeds I say, nor snot nor hay...

Nope, that word again!

But look again, at flow'r and stem,
To see what's really here!

Bright golden face, shouts "Here's the place,"
New home I've found at last.

[and a followup suggesting we've brought something with us from old home, SI, that we're using to advantage in new home.]

Someone bettah help out.


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