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Dandelion Da StatNisland Flower - per RS Bob Wilson sonwil1 Hey All,

I don't know if my vote counts for much, but I agree with the dandelion as an SI flower. One persons weed is another one's flower, right?

As said before: tough, obstinate, undeniably beautiful in it's way (thanks for those pictures Art), widely dispersed, good for you (who knew!--thanks Gina, great site).

I think it is a great metaphor for Staten ISlanders who've left and still stay and who may yet return someday. [A poet and I don't even know it.] Great prose argument for the violet, though. Terrific writing, IMHO. Still, my vote is for the "weed". (If my Pop just looked at that picture of the dandelion field, his neck would have swelled in rage and he'd bellow for me and my brothers to get every one of them out for a penny each. The lawn would look like it went thru a mortar attack when we were done).
The promise of penny candy!

Where do I buy my shirt?

Bob Wilson

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