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Free Advice Harry White hrwhite I'm building a "nest in da west" for my wife and I. Thought it would be fun to construct our nest ourselves. Kinda like da love boids do. We of course hire some local Mexicans to do the hard woik, ya know that Manual Labor is a real person.
Now for the advice. At age 63 you do not do construction especially after 40 years as a desk jockey. There are places on me that are sore that I did not even know existed. We work 8 to 4, put da tools away have a beer talk about progress and the next days plans, shower and go to bed at 8-9 PM. This may end up being a monument to my stupidity or I am going to be one lean mean dude.
Ta think I joined da Navy after building 1-2 houses with a neighbor, Mike Masterberdi. Gee I usta was smart.

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