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Ballgame Tonight Jim Donnelly Artful Codger When I was still a New Yorker I used to go to the Stadium a lot and to the Polo Grounds once in a while, but I never saw the Bums (the Flock--remember that?) at home.

I remember once going from S.I. to see the Giants with two of my grade school friends. We noticed a bus going along the bluff and decided that it would be a very good thing to get on that bus after the game, so we ended up stranded in Union City. Not a very good idea nowadays, I suppose.

Last time I was near the Polo Grounds, about 1966, it was a huge housing development but right on 125th Street there was still a thing called the Polo Grounds Community Association.

My niece in Cupertino CA has seen more major league parks than I have. She once flew from SF to O'Hare just to get a look at Comiskey. Well, I've seen Griffith Stadium and she'll never see that. She was in the seats at Candlestick on the day that quake interrupted the World Series. The nephew out there has twin sons who were high school stars, but they made the mistake of moving on to Fresno State, where they couldn't make the team, and I don't think they expected to. They'll be sophomores soon, but I've never met them. They do not, of course, answer e-mail.

Jim Donnelly
Hyattsville, Maryland

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