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Leftovers Neal Mulligan neal One morning Jesus is tending the Pearly Gates greeting the newcomers. Away off in the distance he espy a small bent figure moving slowly towards Him. The little man is moving so slowly that it takes him all morning to arrive and by that time Jesus is quite curious.

Greetings brother, says Jesus and welcome to Heaven.
The old man very bent from age grunts hello.
Tell me about your life before you enter, says Jesus.
Well, says the old man. I was very poor all my life. I worked as a carpenter and married late in life. Jesus becomes quite interested.
Tell me more says Jesus.
Well as I said, I married late in life an never expected to have children, but a miracle happened and I had a son. He was a wonderful boy, so smart so wise. Jesus is all ears. He was the pride and joy of my life, but then one day he left home and never returned, I was heartbroken.
Jesus stares down at the old man and says, DAD? The old man twists his head upward and says, PINOCHIO?

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