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A VERY SERIOUS VIRUS - PAY ATTENTION Help Us!!!! Harry White hrwhite Don't know how dey do dat but a lot of very bright and talented folks are woiken on da darkside. It is really a shame that they are not putting their talents to productive uses. Ya have ta protect yourself wit a good antivirus software package. I use Norton antivirus 2000. I update my virus definitions on-line weekly and dare is a Norton antivirus program running in the back ground checking all incoming data all da time. I switched to Norton about 4 months ago. Had run McAfee up till then. McAfee did a good antivirus job but failed me on something else so I dropped them. There are those who will tell you to run both McAfee and Norton to double your protection. I have not figured out how to run them together without a conflict so only run Norton.
Hey you computer pros what are your suggestion?????

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