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StatNisland Flower - Dandelion per RS Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) I was ready to go all the way for Dandelions. The idea of such a bright pugnacious flower standing up straight and tall for a few days and then when you least expect it turn into a ball of fluff that takes the seeds all over. It's kinda like a magic trick but it also is symbolic of StatNislanders. Here we are dwarfed by the size and intensity of the big city but we pugnaciously persist and seed ourselves all over the place. In our transplant cities where we preside over whatever our origins may remain anonymous except for that tell tale New Yawk, StatNisland accent that tells folks we are the dandelions of da woild.

On the other hand, that wonderful story Marguerite tells about the StatNisland violet is very persuasive too.

It is interesting that as kids we used to pick the violets and dandelions to give to our moms. One thing both of these flowers have in common is the fact that they wilt almost immediately upon picking as if to say, "Let me stand my ground and I will make you happy, pick me and try to control where I show my beauty and I will escape into oblivion." Then, after we learn to respect the intentions of these flowers they propagate miraculously to everyone's - except the compulsive lawn care expert's -pleasure.

I like lilacs, honeysuckle, forsythia, punks and skunk cabbage too. Maybe it's too late to propose pungent "Queen Ann's Lace" or the Milk Weed flower but those two remind me of the "woods" on the corner of Goodwin and Jewett where I rode my bike down the hill to make it airborne on a ramp propped on some old tires. You can use the Queen's Ann Lace flower like pungent soap to clean off your hands after falling off your bike into some dog or cat poop.

It was fascinating to cut the milk weed stem and watch the white liquor drip out like white blood, or to see the milk weed pods form. They looked like strange embryos from outer space. I picked em and took em home to my train set so I could imagine that it had been invaded by creatures from space.

Well, I have decided that the dandelion still is my choice for the StatNisland representative flower. Sorry, sipoet the delicate beauty and spirituality of the violet is rarely distributed among us StatNislanders. However, we all of us share that special courage and pugnaciousness that makes the dandelion a survivor wherever he/she goes.


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