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StatNisland Flower - Dandelion per RS Robert Sheridan bobsheridan When you live on the Island, you wanna pull up all the dandelions in your lawn. You can't get rid of 'em. They keep coming back. Earth movers by Caterpiller might eliminate 'em, temporarily, of course.

If I lived on the Island, I'd vote for the rose.

But as an Island alum who blew into someone else's fair garden and made it as much my own as one reasonably can, I'm a dandelion. If I'm not causing the people who who believe the garden should be homogeneous and bland to think a little harder, then I'm not doin' my job. That makes me a dandelion. Easier to uproot than to like. It's that dandelion attitude. Ever chew on a dandelion? Ain't no sweet honeysuckle. It's face-wrinkling bitter.

Yup, that's an Expat from SI, interesting to look at but face-wrinkling bitter to the tooth.

Maybe we should have two categories. Roses, or somethin' pretty for the current residents, and the Order of the Dandelion for the wind-blown.

Can you imagine going around with a dandelion as a boutoniere? The questions?

The answers?

"Oh, I'm a member of the Order of the Dan D'Lion, StatNisland nobility, y'know. Ferryboats, Da Bridge."


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