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I'm a Staten Island native and 1968 Curtis High Alumnus. Many happy childhood years were spent at 120 Vanderbilt Ave and 415 Westervelt Ave. From the early 1950's I remember woods across the street from the house on Vanderbilt. I also remember a nursing home for elderly women nearby on Tompkins Ave, which raised chickens across the street.
Now I'm a writer and newspaper columnist living in Florida, currently working on a book about my family who lived on Staten Island for generations. For the book, I need information about the old Halloran Hospital. My mother worked there as a telephone operator during WWII, but her memories are not clear. She seems to remember spooky underground passageways between buildings. Can anyone provide any more information about that? She also remembers famous show business people such as, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Carmen Miranda performing there but cannot recall whether this was in an auditorium or outside on a lawn. Does anyone remember anything about that?
Any information or pictures would be appreciated. -Flora Gilman-Reigada

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