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StatNisland Flower - Dandelion per RS Gina * Gina I'm for RS' original suggestion of the Dandelion -

Just in case you've never put much thought into RS' first referring to StatNislander's as Dandelion's in his "BULLSHIT" post,2
or what a (Eurasian plant) Dandelion (dentdelion Old French=lion's teeth) could possibly mean to the representation of StatNislander's. I've done a bit of "dandelion homework" on the subject and here are some of my reasons/thoughts on supporting RS' being an excellent choice for the Staten Island Flower. I feel the Dandelion is the best overall choice because of the endurance of the Dandelion and its stamina. It requires no fuss, makes no muss - stands uP to a hard cut & trample, dusts itself off and starts all over again with natural beauty, pride & undaunted determination :)

a. stam·i·na1 (stm-n) n. Physical or moral strength to resist or withstand illness, fatigue, or hardship; endurance.

b. (sta·mi·na (stm-n, stm-). The pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower, usually consisting of a filament and an anther.

c. According to the Dictionary: The earliest recorded instance of the word dandelion occurs in a herbal written in 1373

So pretty the field of Dandelion's.
So bright, so sunny, so warm, so inviting.
A Dandelion is strong, A Dandelion can endure
They will survive, they have mastered the art of living
A Dandelion can weather Mother Nature's most furious raging storm.
With the calm after storm a Dandelions will pop uP once again, holding their heads uP high with pride and dignity, decorating fields around the world with their emanating beauty.

Dandelion's, young and old share mother natures fields without malice nor a sound of prejudice. No age barriers as the old embrace the young teaching lessons of the beauty of survival and the young support and protect the old with crisp columns of strength, The young stand admiring and watching the old, which in their time again turn to seed - seeds surrounded in a blanket of soft fluff which in a puff go playfully floating and joyfully jump upon the wings of the wind while coming to life again to spread the beauty of the next generation of Dandelion to awaiting fields around the world, where they gently land, find their nitch, adjust, root themselves and grow everywhere.

The Young

The Old
Natural In Beauty - Shared - Yet All Their Own

RS posted in part: One time they were digging at Richmond Town, uncovering some old dormant seeds, apparently, and left a pile of dirt. It later sprouted with some plant imported 2-300 years earlier that had died out. Made the Advance. Dunno what happened to it after that.

RS from what I've read Dandelions are only considered a weed in America. Originally came from Europe/Asia where they are a much planted flower/herb covering many gardens and with many uses. I think the "pile" you refer to in Richmond Town was a mixture which also included the Dandelion.


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