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StatNisland Flower - per RS Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I remember a bush with a multitude of yellow blossoms that let you know Spring had rooted itself and Summer was just about here. It was the forsythia.

Also the pussy-willow, with the furry gray whatchamacallems.

And didn't we have bay laurel?

We could add them to the list.

At the PS 29 school bazaar every year they sold flowers. Pansies, zinnias, marigolds, and what-not.

Queen Anne's Lace was all over the vacant lots.

Do they still have vacant lots on SI?

One time they were digging at Richmondtown, uncovering some old dormant seeds, apparently, and left a pile of dirt. It later sprouted with some plant imported 2-300 years earlier that had died out. Made the Advance. Dunno what happened to it after that.


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