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St Joseph Hill - 1985 Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

now i can't imange der being a pope harry. dat is scarey.

i went ta st. pets for about two years. i remember always being in trouble wit da sisters and one guy by da name of brother.

anyways as i said i lasted two years der. den at da mount i lasted two sunday's as an alter boy. i had dis tink about doing da latin bit with some guy all dressed up on a rob and a funny looking hat.

den i was put in da choir. well i lasted two weeks der.

sees i do tinks in twos and still manage ta live true it all.

when i kids was school age i sent em ta catholic school. yep ya all can guess rite. my son was always in trouble wit da nuns. my daughter was ok till catholic h.s. when she rebelled against da nuns cuz dey wanted her ta do all the anti- catholic stuff.

well my wife is still a practin catholic and i gotta do wot i am told. so onece in a while (dats a song) i gota church ta make her happy. but when i get ta my daughters church --- wow do i get inta trouble. fire and brimstone all around me...... i keep falling asleep and da preacher keeps a yelling ta try and wake me. tis my little girl dat wakes me when she pokes me and say wakeup loud and clear.

oh well der ain't no help for me in dis life


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