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The History Channel Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I keep tellin' ya, StatNislanders are da Dandelions of da Garden Spots of da Woild.

Ya know, the Scottish adopted the formerly lowly purple thistle and raised it up into an emblem of nobility.

The Irish, God bless 'em, did the same with the formerly lowly and now sainted Shamrock.

It seems the least we could do would be to adopt a plant as the Emblem of StatNisland.

Lessee: Dandelion, Cat-tail (aka Punk), Poison-Ivy...

Youse are gonna havta help me out.

I suggest we take nominations, then a poll for some of SI's best. We could have a plant, a boid, a fish, a boat (a ferryboat, no doubt), a political leader, an ath-a-lete, anything you want, we could have, thru da Magic of Da Web.

Then we could have T-shirts, with sleeves, and no holes.

Wot fun we could have, inspirin' pride in the Old Borough.

Hell, we could even endorse candidates.

Anyone for Hillary?

Big Rudy?

How many votes do we command?


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