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Ballgame Tonight C Connelly mcgil A few years ago we took a bunch a kids to Burlington, VT to see a game played by the Burlington Expos, a farm team of Montreal. It was the best baseball experience that I had in years and it was the best introduction to "live" baseball that the kids could have. The players signed autographs, the mascot interacted with all the kids, and the seats were close to the field. The kids had a ball (no pun intended).

Now, we no longer drive to NY or Boston and pay a kings ransom to watch a major league game with binoculars. Now we drive three hours to Burlington, pay our $1.00 admission, sit on the hard concrete bleachers (with a pillow for the toukus, of course,) and see the best baseball games. Most of all, my kids and their friends get to enjoy real baseball, upfront & personal.

So if you want to enjoy baseball, go minor league -- it's much better than the majors!


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