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The History Channel Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) A while back I mentioned that the History Channel might be interested in what I have been doing at Fort Detrick. Well, today they were here at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases filming for their series on "Suicide Missions" (It's TV-ese for folks who might be regarded as heroes). The sub-plot is about "Human Guinea Pigs" (TV-ese and politically incorrect but clearly understandable label for folks who volunteer to participate as subjects in medical research). I chair our Ethical Review Committee that looks at protocols submitted by researchers to determine whether the risks are outweighed by the benefits or value of the information to be learned. We also look carefully at the adequacy of "Informed Consent" and protections of the rights and welfare of volunteer subjects. I got interviewed for 2 hours today but they said it will only become part of an 8 minute ya betta look fast or Whooosh I'll be gone. ;)

I will find out when this will be on the air so youse guys can watch and be as embarrassed as I am when I mispronounce sumpin.

I didn't tell 'em about the Hoftopia Chronicles and Dr. Sunderson's work with "human guinea pigs." Doc Sunderson may have studied of effectiveness of the product made by processing Klaxton Fruit Kake into Kake Yankee Jelly(Abreviated KY-Jelly ). Of course, those experiments were friction, unlike da utha stuff above that was true.

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