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The Three Religious Truths of Life Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Cute.

The Jews invented the Messiah. It's a Hebrew word. They just don't recognize any of the claimants to date, certainly none whose name you are likely to recognize. A couple of years ago, however, it was a different story. The leader of one of the most ultra-orthodox sects, in Brooklyn, was regarded as the Messiah. Then he died. Disappointed a few people, I understand. They must've got over it though, as I haven't read any follow-up stories in the press about it.

The other day the local people in a Central American village stoned to death a Japanese tourist who made the mistake of pointing a camera at some of the colorful local children. The parents thought this was preparation for kidnaping the kids. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

They still kill people in certain places in Africa, according to news clippings I've saved, believing them to be witches.

One of my reading hobbies is to be on the lookout for things that people believe today that my mother told me we no longer believe in any more.

I guess that depends on who the "we" is. "Speak for yourself, Kemosabe," as Tonto sagely said.

I doubt Protestants in this country spend much time thinking about the Pope (I could be wrong), unless your name is JFK and you're running for President. I remember visiting Hyde Park, London, and visiting Speaker's Corner, I think they call it, and listening to an outraged old crone rail at a speaker for being some sort of a Papist. I thought that had gone out a long time ago.

Wrong again! (My middle name).


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