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My Opinion on Group Homes Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu good morning folks.

i appreciate all the positive responses i saw with regard to my posting. corsair, yours was extremely informative.

in 1979, it was estimated that it cost the local government about $80,000 to warehouse (institutionalize) the mentally retarded. however in a foster home it cost less than $4,000. yes my wife an i received what my accountant called a poultry some to provide all the care these two in dividuals needed but we did not open our private home for the money. today, we receive only ssi for marion and alan receives his fathers social security. his father died early this year.

some mentally retarded individuals can be trained to do work in the neighborhood. alan is one of them. with guidencew, he mowes lawns, cleans a doctors office once a week, and does other household chores. when he first came to us he did nothing but grap food and whatever other horror things one may thing up. believe me i was shocked into silance --- a shocker in itself.

marion on the other hand is trainable only for personal needs. unfortunately she will never be able to do any kind of meaningful work. but she can do the basics of personal hygene. when she first came to us --- well i won't go there.

most institutions for the mentally retarded have closed in maryland. those still left open are for individuals who need the extra care that a home provider may not be able to supply.

some mentally retarded individuals still live at home with their parents. these parents are the real heros of our society, not me or my wife. we do but a small bit.

group homes help, but the neighborhood must help those operating the group homes by welcoming them into their neighborhoods, working with the individuals in the neighborhood etc.

as i said before, i am upset that the members of community board 3 may not have been educated on the needs of group homes for the mentally retarded and in return, the people in the are have not been properly educated.

education is the key for a successful group home placement, not ignorance.


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