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Ballgame Tonight Brian Cullen Ace328bc I went to a baseball game tonight, amazing only in that they are so da*n expensive that I don't go very often. I get so disgusted with the greed and the lack of interest in the fans by the players that I don't have the interest I once had as a kid. However-went to Tropicana Field tonight to see the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the Texas Rangers. Pretty bad game, the Rays got beat 8-1 on a 2-hitter. But you know what? My 2 year old niece was down from North Carolina with her uncle, and I went with them, my wife and my 14 year old son. We all had on Devil Ray shirts and hollered c'mon at all the appropriate spaces, and the point of my diatribe is this: There is nothing in the world like a professional baseball game, with hotdogs and peanuts and children having a blast and older people smiling at the younger ones. It's not about winning and losing-it's about having a good time and I did.

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