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What was your room like? Marcene Daniels oldtimer Well my mom had four kids in five years. LOL no pill in the early 20's.
I had one brother, the oldest child who had a room all to himself. He thought he was an artist and had pictures painted on his shade that when he pulled it down at night would have scared the hell out of an intruder. Of course a crystal radio he built, and model planes hanging from the ceiling that would hit you in the head if you entered. He had a porch roof out his window and could and did sneak out over that at night in summer. He figured mom did not know but of course she knew all. She always said a little birdie whispered in her ear. We played her game.

My sisters and I shared one big room so that the smallest room next to it was our closet and play room. We had a lot of fun in bed when younger. We pushed the bed up to the wall and stood on our heads against it. Practiced holding our breath till one would give up. We took turns sneaking down stairs to raid the pantry for snacks to eat in bed.

Of course I being the older of the girls was thrilled when my brother joined the navy and I got his room all to myself.

It wasn't the room but the fun of it all come to think of it now.

Marcene the oldtimer

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