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What was your room like? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu well now, i been a readin all this stuff about what was your room like --- growing up at home with mom and pop or with at least of of them.

lets see now, i shared a room with my younger brother raymond. he now lives in rhode island.

my sisters, they shared one room -- larger than the one my brother and i shared, they had two beds one large and one single.

i had to put up, or is it the other way around, with my brothers junk all over the room.

it wasn't too bad unless my older brother showed up for a visit --- usually about two may three days, then he was gone again.

harry, margie, i can't say nothing bad or whatever about either of my parents beating one another, because i don't thing thats what happened.

they got divorced in the early sixties, i think because my father began wondering. he did remarry. my mother never did.

only problem i had with my mother was she never wanted me to see my father. however, when i was 15 years old, i began seeing him a lot.

i got to know him even better after i married. we went hunting together for about 6 years in vermount. when i moved to maryland, i saw him only when i made trips to staten island. he died about 18 years ago. i regret i did not get to know him even better.


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