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What was your room like? Margie Stephens Margie First to Harry: I, like you, wondered, when I'd hear of a woman in a baaaaad situation, "Why doesn't she just leave?" Of course, I didn't think this way until I was an adult as I never heard anything about divorce as a child. (My parents did it right, happily, and I had a good childhood.)

Later, when *I* was in the situation of the woman in a hard place, I had a small child and found out why women stay. It's a large, scary world out there and one will put up with a lot before facing it oneself. I speak from experience. (And now, I, too, did it right and have been married to the same wonderful man 18 years - joy and happiness!)

My room:

I shared with my sister. When we moved into the house, all three of us very young children were in that room, but at some early elementary school grade, my brother got his own room - a tiny one my father fashioned out of part of an upstairs porch.

My older sister would come into the bedroom when I was already in bed, turn on the overhead light, and make me angry. Then she'd get into bed and ask me the time. I mean, Geez! We were the same distance from the clock and I figured if I could read it, *she* could. Oh but she annoyed me again and again by asking the time! I didn't know she honestly could not see the clock w/o her glasses, being legally blind in one eye and darn near that in the other.

We shared one small closet and, of course, she got the space in front of the door - mine was to the side. She got the top drawers in a dresser we shared. I got the hand-me-downs. Same stuff we all grew up with. But, all in all, it was a good room. I finally got my own desk and, joy of joys! a radio to go on it. Tuned to ten-ten WINS New York -- sometimes 1050, WMGM. Remember them?

Come to think of it, I'm still sharing a room! This time, tho, I even have to share a bed and that wonderful man I mentioned earlier ... well, he likes to steal the blankets. But I'll keep him anyway. You don't expect me to put up with the likes of JR, do you????


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