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Do Ya Know Where Ya Are???? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Interesting subject, GPS.

I've heard the accuracy to be within 60,' and 30.'

Accurate enough to call in fire, according to my military adviser.


There's always a however.

Our powers that be, in time of war, can fuzz up the data so no one can do that but us.

However...another however...

So many critical industries, such as commercial aviation, rely on the greater accuracy that to fuzz it up in times of war can really screw things up.

I wuz watching a surveyor standing around attending a tripod with something that looked like a Franciscan's flat hat, at least I think it's a Franciscan, could be a Dominican, all those Inquisitorial types look the same to me, but I digress... The hat like object was a radio receiver looking at the sky. Took readings off 8, count 'em, 8 satellites as they passed over, or we passed under, I forget which.

Takes two hours to get a close enough reading for land survey (read significant dough at stake) work.

Gives you a new respect for G. Washington, whose tripod didn't read satellites.


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