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The Queen Mum's Establishment Marcene Daniels oldtimer Meanwhile back at the castle, the Queen Regina was having some thoughts of her own.
How long could she keep the triplets hidden out? When would be the time to bring them home? How many more times is Old Tymer going to press her to get them formally named and announce who is the first born son and who the hell was the father of that one?
Dr. Sunderson knew that there was more than one involved as he secretly had DNA tests run and warned her if she ever gave him one bit of trouble he would squeal on her.
This is why she had sent them abroad. Now it was time to get her castle in order.
What was the Queen Mum up too? She is out and gone a lot lately and the Queen was thinking of following her one of these days to see what was going on.
Merlin, Old Tymer's brother had a sneaking suspicion that she was having fun doing something and his sixth sense gave a hint that it was something she wanted to hide. His cave was so near to Clove Lakes Park that he felt her near him and wondered what she was up to. He would push for an answer when she showed up.
Old Tymer had looked up Bolo D Jolo and asked him if he would plan a ballroom for the Oar House. She had been thinking of that name and laughing at DBlivitt for suggesting it lol. George the baker had another one in mind but it really was too suggestive. She had to think of a good one.
Madonna, the moonmaid was offering her services, lol, not as a working girl, but as a fortune teller with a room on the main floor to ply her trade. Old Tymer thought she may want some work on the side. Did she??
Things were shaping up and girls were flocking in with their applications. Little Leeza Brown was first to sign.
She wanted enough money ahead to flee to the left coast when she accumulated enough bucks. Had a romance going on the side but her love was far enough away to not know what she did on the side.
Country mam an old buddy of Queen Regina heard of a job opening and since she was so good at pleasing men she too signed on the dotted line.
Old Tymer was so busy these days with the decorating and buying of supplies. It was so good to be active again.
Rumplestiltskin and Old Nacl were chomping at the bit to find out when opening day lol, or night was.

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