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What was your room like? Harry White hrwhite A place that I went to when my parents argued over my dads drinking. A place where I had a sword and a baseball bat stashed to use to defend my mother if my father had ever struck her.
I'm an only child. I survived on my own. I left as soon as I could. It is sad. I never had a good father son relationship with my dad. I was frustrated with my mother for not leaving. She threatened to leave but never did. It is/was not easy for a woman with a young child to make the break.
I am amazed and saddened to see how many of us grew up in non functional families. How much of the disfunction was the result of drink. I attended ALANON for a while but my heart was not in it.
Dad gave up drink. He and mom had a good life together after I left. My relationship with them never improved.

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