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Me jump in Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu harry,

the tobacco suits were a scam, helped along by dimwitted judges who could find their way out of a we toilet bowl in the middle of the desert. then the sleezy politicians got futher into the act.

what i am complaing about is the people who were supposedely harmed by the tobacco companies are getting next to nothing. the tax payer, you, me, bob and the rest are getting screwed.

in maryland, out elustious governor (i won't say anymore here about my personal knowledge of his evil ways) has taken the money and used it for other than the mass benefit of the tax payers and the smokers or former smokers.

personally, smokers knew exactly what they were doing--especially since the warnings were put on the packages.

also the u.s. government (individuals of course) gave free smokes to serviceman. how come uncle sam was not sued???

bottom line-- it was a scam and some real sleezy lawyers got a lot of big bucks from all of us.

so much for the majority of class actions law suits.......

other than that, what else is new in this world of ours????


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