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The Queen Mum's Establishment Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The Queen Mum finally selected a location for her new place of business. It was an ideal location in that it had ample parking, wonderful surroundings and most importantly offered very private and discreet entrances and egresses.

She was able to lease the property for a pittance because the former owners were unable to make a go of it as a restaurant. Since it sat on city property, her influence with sheriff Goodacre , the sh*picker crew at South Beach and the lifeguards at Great Kills weighed heavily in her favor when the city looked over bids on the property.

Yes, the old restaurant and rowboat house at Clove Lakes would suit her business plans to a T! She was going to contact Tiny Tim to supervise the remodeling and interior decorating of the place. She planned to have Dutch Boy paint some erotic murals on the ceiling and behind the bar. She envisioned a main dance floor bordered by love seats where the guests could get acquainted with her bevy of SI lovelies.

One of the main problems was going to be converting the main Oar House, which only had one large area into at least 10 smaller Oar Houses, with private entrances for each Oar’s room. She thought of a unique solution: she would indeed partition the Oar House into smaller spaces, but she would link them with canals. This was easy enough to do, because the boat house opened up into a storage area beneath the main building and by using the rowboats, a “Tunnel of Love” passageway would link the ballroom with the Oars’ Houses.

Since SI’ders tended to be prudish (albeit hypocritical), OT knew she would have to have some slick legal maneuvering to get a C. of O. permit from borough hall. She hired Rumpohlstilskin, a lawyer of some renown from the west coast, but who was also fluent in the local SI dialect.

RS’ first action was to task DBLIVIT to travel out to Cheyenne, Wyoming and get some first hand information on how OT should run her business in cahoots with the local government. (Cheyenne being one of the last bastions for this type of business.) DBLIVIT was thrilled at the prospect of going out west on full expenses. He packed his bags and promised RS and OT that they would have a full report when he returned on the 1st of June.

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