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The Toss Of A Coin Charles Schleininger corsair Perhaps it is the fault of the selection process. If you do not want to serve just come dressed in your best business suit/dress, carrying a brief case, looking like an MBA. The persons background does not matter. Or a jury of your peers, whatever that means in this day an age. It is hard to find some one (or their family members/friends who has/have not been a victim of a crime) - dismissal, too educated/uneducated/ religious/ not religious, too old/young, married/single, employed/unemployed.... So you are left with a very small population to choose from. During one local selection, after going through 129 people, & having selected 11, with 2 left, the judge told both lawyers they would pick one of the two remaining as he was not going to tie up his court another week while another 100 + people were summoned. Another judge was told the jury was still deadlocked & requesting dinner. His reply was you will get dinner at home after you reach a verdict. The empty stomach cast the vote. Another judge put it this way, ignore the two actors in the court room & study the evidence... so who are ones peers & why not "just the facts ..."?

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