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Me jump in Robert Sheridan bobsheridan We have at least 51 jurisdictions in the U.S.A, the fifty states plus the federal government, and whatever territories. The only way to go after bad actors, as Harry perceptively, again, points out, is to use a class action suit that supposedly benefits everyone. Sometimes it does. Asbestos litigation is supposed to be a case in point, and tobacco.

They are frequently abused by lawyers, as in the examples pointed out.

Dozens, hundreds of lawyers get in on the act. The "lead counsel," role is usually picked by the judge. Lead counsel racks up big fees, staffing the case, doing a lot of administrative work, such as copying the others, taking out the ads to notify the theoretical "clients" who send in the coupons, etc.

Client often gets peanuts while the lead counsel racks in the chips.

Some judges are hip to the abuses and hold a competition for lead counsel. Sometimes a judge reviews and cuts down on the fees. The lawyers will avoid that guy the next time, if they have any brains, and usually they have at least that. It's the other good stuff they often lack. So they file elsewhere. Forum shopping we call it, but with over 50 jurisdictions, you take your best shot.

Thanks for leaving me out of the blame-net this time.

The fact is that I'm well aware of the things that lawyers get criticized for and I try to avoid them as much as possible. Nobody's perfect however. :)

Most of the lawyers I deal with are pretty decent folk, especially the criminal lawyers. They work for less, get screwed more often, and are in it more because they think it's important than because they can get rich. They can't. The rich ones do the Silicon Valley, mergers and acquisitions, and IPO type work.

I've met my share of assh*les on all sides of the fence. All you can do is the best you can and hope the other guy isn't a crook. When that turns out to be the case, you often get screwed in the beginning, but what goes around comes around, eventually. You often see the wise guys go by the boards.


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