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Bending over backwards Lawyers Harry White hrwhite For a long time I had this thing about lawyers. Probably began with the so called "ambulance chasers" who were the beginning of the "sue, sue, sue mentality" that exists today. These "plaintiff lawyers" as they like to call themselves have created this atmosphere. Insurance rates have sky rocketed and lots of things we did as kids are no longer available because of the liability potential. Our swim club took out the high dive because of the increase in insurance. There are many more examples. As I thought about this I recognized that it wasn't entirely the lawyers fault, the public played a big role. The attorneys brought the cases before the courts but it was the public "jurors" who decided to give the big awards. I guess they were thinking the insurance company has big bucks and can afford to pay out big settlements. The jurors were not thinking that this money was coming from us. It is not easy to focus your frustrations at the jury so you focus it at the lawyers.

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