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Careers with no future!!! Neal Mulligan neal Every now and again during the tax season, when the monotony of the job and the pressure of the endless queue of phone calls stares up at me, I wonder what else I could do with my life. Not having enough personality to be a mathematician I know I'm stuck and I'll be back here next year, so I end up feeling sorry for myself. I try to think, as I was taught, that no matter how tough I find life there are always others worse of than I. Usually this doesn't help. Since my pain is still my pain. So what if someone else is hurtin. It's tough to be Christian. But today, I had a rebirth. I saw the ad for Foot Locker. A guy comes across the gym floor bouncing a basketball into the air with his forehead, and then slowly begins removing several layers of shirts one at a time all the while continuing to bounce the ball off his head. Finally, he gets to the last shirt whereupon he turns his back and we see the words Foot Locker across his back. For his finale, he headers the ball into the basket about 20 feet away. Neat trick! So tomorrow I'll go back to the debits and credits knowing that the nuns were right.


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