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Microsoft Raptor Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu use guys just ain't no fun.

lookit wot da govment done did wit da phone company. it broke up ma bell and now we got a bunch of what the ell do da call em --- oh yea --- mini bells. it sucks. everytime i go ta make a phone call, i now gotta tink about what i have ta do when before all i had ta do was pick up da phone and dial.

i got 10 digit numbers instead of 7 -- if ya making a call next store its 10 instead of 7.

i tink da dimwitted morons who did da breakup of ma bell had their heard looking into the south end of a camel trying ta smell roses.

now they screwing around with gates because he made money. yea he had a molopy of a sort, but the utter software guys had garbage when ya tink about it. some however had some good stuff like ibm and os2. trouble is da folks who worked at ibm did not no how ta market their stuff.

then there is xerox. they had the first system (which created apple). xerox people did not now how to market their product. so they dropped one of the best multi-lingual network operating and software systems this country ever had. the xerox 6085 system.

apple folks eat your heart out.

anyway, seems the government types needed ta justify their jobs so day done went and took on ol billy. we the end user will suffer for it in the end as always.....


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