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sorry i didn't answer sooner, been busy here at the house getting to take a trip to new england next week.

anyway, the real reason the newspeople always use aledged is because of the lawyers (yea bob you included in this tooo). it has to do with law suits. the lawyers are correct in some cases but not all. but as most lawyers are --- extremely cautious when representing their clients. so all news papers, magazines, tv broadcasters etc... go the extra mile and make reports that sound stupid, dumb, iti otic at best. we just gotta live wit it.

it makes for interesting reading and listening. i had to do this when i was writing news stories at the voice. (dats voice of america). what a trip. i wanted ta say the way it is and the editor said no cuz some diplomatic dim wit in some foreign country would get upset. yeahhhhhh right.... like i gave a fig. well sometimes i won the battle and sometimes i lost.

anyway, i do puters now and i can say wot i want....


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